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Atlas Passenger Transport

Safe and Sound

Atlas Passenger Transport, a division of Springbok Atlas Charter, has been transporting people across South Africa for more than six decades. As a leader in passenger transportation, we have earned our excellent reputation for safety and reliability. We offer our clients complete, professional transportation management services at highly competitive prices. Whether it is a church or community event, a school tour or sports outing, we take the hassle out of group transport logistics, and ensure that we get people safely to and from their destinations, on time. Our clients include government departments, mines, sports bodies, educational institutions, churches, corporates, conference organisers, event managers, tour operators and incentive experts.

Safety First!

Getting our passengers safely to their destinations is the top priority for Atlas Passenger Transport. We take an integrated, multi-level approach towards safety from choosing to invest in vehicles with the best safety features to our on-going driver training and performance management.

Our Fleet – It is with safety top of mind that we have invested in modern and sophisticated semi-luxury which have world-class safety features such as roller bars, advanced brake and retarder technologies. All our new semi-luxury busses also have individual seat belts.

Driver Training – We know how important driver performance is to our safety record, and so we employ our own full-time driver trainer who works with our drivers on an on-going basis. Our responsible drivers participate in a rigorous performance management process, and they uphold our ethos that when it comes to safety, there is no compromise. Our vehicles are fitted with on-board computers that provide constant monitoring for fair assessment and performance enhancement.

Vehicle Maintenance – We take full responsibility for the maintenance of our fleet and carry out the regular services well within the manufacturer’s recommendations. Every vehicle also undergoes stringent pre-departure, overland and safety inspection checks.

Constant Tracking – A critical part of our safety programme is to be in constant contact with our drivers and to have the ability to track our vehicles anywhere, any time. We have sophisticated on-board communications and tracking systems that provide constant real-time contact and monitoring of both overall fleet and individual driver performance.

Our Services

Let’s face it, there’s a lot more to consider than just bus hire when it comes to moving your group of people from A to B. Atlas Passenger Transport takes the hassle out of passenger transport by offering you:

  • An excellent 30-strong fleet of modern semi-luxury busses, coaches and vehicles
  • Highest standards of vehicle maintenance, servicing and hygiene, as well as thorough pre-departure and safety inspections
  • A full turn-key, ground handling service enabled by on-board computer monitoring and 24/7 communications to ensure the highest standards of customer service
  • Professional, friendly drivers who participate fully in our on-going in-house programme of training, motivation, customer service and performance management

Our Operations – We provide passenger transportation that meets a wide array of needs throughout South Africa. Atlas Passenger Transport has headquarters in Johannesburg, and branches in Cape Town and Durban. Read more

Our Fleet – We own our own fleet of modern, semi-luxury busses. Atlas Passenger Transport makes sure that our fleet is carefully and accurately maintained – from engines to on-board facilities, from technology to tyres. Click here to book our semi-luxury vehicles. 

The Greener Option- Atlas Passenger Transport is a responsible business, playing our part in ensuring a sustainable future. We have an array of activities to reduce our carbon footprint and be more environmentally-friendly. Read more